Friday, December 3, 2010

Next Generation Leadership Crew Launches Mentorship Blog!

The Greater Akron Chamber's Young Professionals Network is excited to offer the region's young professionals a mentorship blog! So what does that mean? Well, we are still working out the kinks but basically community and business leaders will be the blog's authors and will talk about specific topics related to their industry, career, education, achievements, best practices, lessons get the idea! Readers will have the opportunity to ask the author questions, make general statements and receive individual feedback. The idea is to give young professionals a way to CONNECT with the area's leaders and "pick their brains" in a way we usually don't get to. Think of this blog as "electronic face time" with people we are eager to learn from!

So now you have the gist...what's next? Since we are still in the early planning stages, some details may change. The Next Generation Leadership Work Crew (a much cooler name for a YPN committee) is busy at work setting guidelines, securing and "orientating" leaders, figuring out the blog schedule, confirming topics, spreading the word, etc., etc., But here is a general idea of what comes next....The leaders/blog authors will be invited to blog for one month. We will ask them to post as much as they want but no less than twice monthly. The readers (you) can ask as many questions to the author as they like in the comments portion below. The author will be asked to respond to each comment/question before their month is up. We will have a new author and topic(s) each month but will keep all posts available for anyone to go back and read and/or share with others.

We are very excited to watch this grow into an important educational/networking tool for young professionals! So, stay tuned and spread the word!

The YPN Next Generation Leadership Crew

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  1. Looks great! Excited to see how this develops.